At Yadran, there is a seal that sets our operation apart, an aim to guarantee the highest-quality product with a superior commitment throughout our entire production chain. An outlook that allows us to accredit that our product, as well as its farming process, are continuously and rigorously evaluated, complying with strict practices of food safety, animal wellbeing, process and product traceability, as well as proper environmental, social, and labor practices. This process is developed under rigorous standards and regulations, complying with the most demanding certifications, enabling us to answer to the most elevated international standards and the requirements of our customers.


A regulation for the United States market, oriented toward best practices in aquaculture, environmental, social, and economic responsibility, animal wellbeing, food safety, and product traceability. Yadran is among the first companies in Chile to obtain four (4) stars from BAP, the highest grade.


Friend of the Sea is a certification of French origin, which seeks to guarantee sustainable aquaculture, minimizing the negative effects of aquaculture operations, providing a tool for the industry that both respects the marine environment and preserves natural resources for the future.


A regulation for the European community (with the exception of England), oriented toward food quality and safety for retail products. Yadran was placed in the “Higher Level” category.


A global regulation oriented toward food safety, implementing danger analysis to determine critical control points, thus guaranteeing safe and healthy food for the consumer. Yadran obtained this certification for its Processing Plant.


A regulation created by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), which manages best practices in the responsible aquaculture industry, encouraging environmental sustainability and social responsibility through efficient market mechanisms that create value throughout the entire chain. Yadran took its first step in ASC accrediting its processing plant by the Chain of Custody (CoC) standard, which accredits that it is equipped with systems of traceability and segregation, continuous improvement, and effective social criteria throughout its supply chain.


A regulation for the European community based on five pillars: animal wellbeing, care for the environment, worker health and operational safety, food safety, and legal compliance, pillars that Yadran sees as its own and upon which it bases its system of management.


A regulation from the United Kingdom, aimed at quality and food safety. This certificate placed Yadran in the “AA” category, the highest level in the world for scheduled inspections.


A regulation oriented toward practicing members of the Jewish community, which verifies the development of food products under specific dietary norms.

ISO 9001/2015

The ISO 9001 regulation accredits that all of the processes within the scope of quality management are certified, controlled, and their risks mitigated. This certification was obtained for Yadran’s Processing Plant.