Our origins go back to the nineteen-sixties, when in 1966, Pesquera Yadran was founded, a Chilean company born in Patagonia, a location found at the end of the world, at the extreme south of the American continent, where we built an innovative project. Two decades later, after making advancements in the development of aquacultures processes, we became one of the pioneering companies in the farming and processing of salmonids in Chile.

Growing by the year, in 2002, we achieved a saltwater production level of 6,400 tons, and our freshwater farms managed to produce 1,880 million smolts.

In 2005, we set our new processing plant in motion in Quellón, Chiloé Island. It relies on the latest-generation technology that allows for efficient optimization of productive programming, which gave us the ability to offer a finished product in only 3.5 hours, cage-to-package, for fresh unfrozen products. This was a significant step forward in the elaboration of value-added salmon, as well as in the flexibility to develop tailor-made products for our customers.

In 2006 and 2007, we reached a production capacity of over 17,000 tons, operating at isolated concessions with oceanic influence, which allowed for sustained, consolidated growth, overcoming through determination the various difficulties and challenges to be faced in the local industry in the following decade.

2019 was the third consecutive year during which the company hit a record high in annual production. In addition, we were able to historically reduce the use of antibiotics in our fish.

That is how, today, we have excellent-quality concessions, a modern and strategically located processing plant, a first-class team, and the conviction that our management is rightly aimed with a purpose to achieve the best results.