We work by day to harvest the highest-quality salmon from Chilean Patagonia, a pure, protected place, an impressive demonstration of nature in its maximum splendor, not only due to its geography, but also to its unique people, passionate and proud of this land, who carry out their labor with vocation and commitment.


Chilean Patagonia is a place of incalculable value, where nature itself has provided the exceptional characteristics to raise salmon, allowing unique conditions for superior development and maximum quality.

It is here, between mountains, fjords, and rivers, where nature offers the purest water in the world, and it is the point of origin of fresh and healthy salmon, that allows us to contribute to a nutritious diet to all those who consume it.

Chilean Patagonia is located at the end of the continent in the extreme south of the Americas, where it safeguards an unexplored region with virgin reaches. This is due in large part to the natural barriers drawn around it, considering the vast Pacific Ocean to the west, the Andes mountain range to the east, Antarctic glaciers to the south, and lush vegetation that protects it in the north. It is these borders that shelter this unique place at the end of the world and allow for the exclusive conditions for the development of successful salmon farming in Chile.


At Yadran, we understand the enormous value of Patagonia, and we are conscious of the environmental impact that our operation generates. That is why we are committed to a plan of action that seeks to achieve a more friendly, sustainable process, improving the conditions of our fish for their wellbeing and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Set on this objective, we are working on different initiatives, which are under constant revision and improvement, to fulfill our commitment. We present you some of these initiatives:

  • Policy of efficiency for carbon and energy footprint.
  • Ocean Conservation Program, which considers various initiatives, for example: improving the quality of effluents and domestic water treatment and a sampling protocol to supervise impact on the ocean floor and rivers.
  • Clean Beaches Campaign.
  • Antibiotic use reduction program.

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