Our motto “High Quality Salmon, refers to our concern for and commitment to quality, a recognized seal of our company. Quality is present throughout the entire production chain, from the high standards for our salmon, our process, and our product, to the excellence in the service that we offer.

  • Top-quality genetics.
  • Open-flow freshwater farms.
  • Monitoring that ensures optimum water quality.
  • Adequate fish selection and size-grading.
  • Rigorous monitoring to keep our fish healthy.
  • Feed calculation and dosed feeding relative to biomass.
  • Photoperiod control for summer and winter to ensure quality.
  • Concessions with oceanic influence, ensuring stable temperatures.
  • Rigorous monitoring to keep our fish healthy.
  • Technology for correct feed control and biomass growing.
  • Feed micro-rationing strategy that reduces unconsumed food waste.
  • Application of functional diets to ensure strengthening of the immune system.
  • Utilization of live vaccines for an efficient immune response.
  • Photoperiod to control maturity and quality.
  • Migration to 40 x 40 cages to reduce density and favor the wellbeing of our salmon.
  • Concern for animal wellbeing.
  • Waiting cages that allow direct pumping of live salmon for processing.
  • Flexibility to develop value-added and tailor-made products for our customers.
  • Solid supply chain guaranteeing ongoing distribution.
  • Capacity to respond confidently to our customer’s requirements.
  • Timely and optimally frequent distribution of fresh, premium Sashimi-grade product around the world.
  • Sales and distribution offices in the United States and China.

At Yadran, what stands out among our main attributes is our commitment to always deliver the highest-quality products, and in order to do so, we concern ourselves with proper execution at every stage, seeking to constantly improve and strengthen our operation. There are attributes unique to Yadran that allow us to guarantee such quality, and they are:


The health and wellbeing of our fish is a priority for our company, which is why during the process of raising them, we prioritize good animal care practices and indicators that constantly measure the parameters of water quality: oxygen content, pH, salinity, and temperature. Meanwhile, we control the handling of our procedures, tanks designed to produce juvenile salmon, appropriate classification practices, fish density control, food safety, and all matters related to health and proper maintenance for our salmon’s wellbeing.


We maintain a controlled temperature of 0°C in the product during the entire processing stage to guarantee our salmon’s freshness.


A particularity of our company is having a waiting cages with direct pumping of live salmon into our processing plant, achieving a cage-to-packaging time for fresh unfrozen products of 3.5 hours, allowing a timely response to the needs and requirements of our most demanding customers around the world.


At Yadran, we have an integral traceability system that allows us timely access to the history of each of our products, via barcodes incorporated into their respective labels. With this technology, we are able to control the state of each product and access its detailed history at each and every step in the production chain.