Our value chain contemplates quality at every stage of the process, which for us means that the service offered and delivered is as important as the product itself, and that is why we constantly concern ourselves with maintaining careful communication in every market where we operate, seeking to build relationships of trust and consolidate long-term bonds with our customers.

At Yadran, standing out among our main attributes is our capability to distribute fresh and frozen Superior Sashimi-Grade salmon around the world. To do so, we count on a solid production chain that guarantees continuous supply, based on trustworthy service and the capacity to answer to the requirements of our customers.

Likewise, our sales strategy allows us to adjust ourselves to its needs in order to develop new opportunities, therefore we maintain a close relationship between our sales team and our plant’s team. This makes it possible to adjust processes to fully comply with the requirements of each customer, as well as providing the flexibility to develop value-added products.

We export to 27 destination countries. Among our principal markets of exportation are the United States, Asia and China, Europe, and some Latin American markets. At Yadran, we have a focus on leadership in opening new markets, an outlook for growth and diversification that has allowed us to broaden horizons through solid relationships.

To this end, we have formed strategic alliances that have enabled us to operate sales and distribution offices in strategic markets like China and the United States. In 2012, we carried out a joint venture in order to commercialize our products in the U.S. and Canadian markets under the brand name Patagonia SeaFarms, which is today considered one of the most relevant players in the salmon industry in North America.

The following year, in 2013, we formed the company New World Currents along with other salmon producers, in order to take on the growing Chinese market.